Authentic Center

The town center is historically valuable, with its fisherman’s cottages and even a ‘hofje’ (an old courtyard). Discover the history from fishing town to beach resort while walking through the town or visiting the museums. In the vibrant town center you can go shopping or enjoy the terraces, and go out all night.

Zandvoort, more than just the beach
Zandvoort does not only have a beautiful historic center with small fisherman’s cottages and an authentic ‘hofje’, but also a commercial center with different specialty stores, fashion shops, supermarkets, amusement arcades, a cinema, a theater and a beautiful museum. The museum doesn’t only provide a lot of information about the Zandvoort of yesterday, but also regularly puts on great exhibitions.

All year round, the town hosts all kinds of events like Zandvoort Culinary, classical, jazz and Zandvoort concerts, several large fairs each year and the World Championships Shrimp Shelling. There is a weekly market in the town center.

Something for everyone
Zandvoort is also home to dozens of restaurants, cozy cafés and great sheltered terraces, in the sun of course. So you can always find a cup of coffee, a drink, lunch or full dinner. There is really something for everyone. From pancakes, cheese fondue and sushi to Chinese, Greek, Italian and Thai. And want to go out after dinner? No problem in Zandvoort. Many clubs, dancings and bars stay open until the early hours of the morning. There is always something to do.

Zandvoort has it all!