Bubbling Beach

The diverse and vibrant Zandvoort coast is the place to enjoy sun, sea and relaxation. Go active and play sports and party on the beach, or find tranquility on a quiet part of the beach to relax. End the day with family on a terrace and have dinner with a view of the sunset. And all this only thirty minutes from the center of Amsterdam! 

Good food on the beach
After a great walk on the beach, nothing beats relaxing in one of Zandvoort’s 25 beach clubs. Each club has its own atmosphere, menu and staff. They are all unique. A complete and fancy lunch, fine dining, enjoying a glass of wine and a bite with your feet in the sand, watching the sunset, grabbing some fried fish at a stand or eating pancakes with the children? Everything is possible. Check www. tothebeach.amsterdam for an overview of all the beach clubs to see which one fits your current mood. Every day is different!

Active Zandvoort
The beach is not only a place for walking, paddling in the sea and looking for shells, but also for enjoying several active pursuits, some commercial, some free. The beach is ideal for power walking, mountain biking or running. And what about the fitness circuit that is set out along the boulevard? It gives you the opportunity to do different exercises while running or walking. Suitable for beginners and experts. Do you prefer the water? There are professionals teaching diving, surfing, kiting, supping, rowing and sailing. And when the weather is nice, you can use the water taxi. It brings you from the regular beach to the nude beach, which is a little more to the south. Don’t want to get wet? The beach is also perfect for yoga, pilates, meditation and transformational breath. And do you want to just relax and watch your active family members? Then rent a beach bed and lie back to enjoy the view.

Feel like a party?
The Zandvoort beach clubs do all they can to please their guests. They regularly organize large and small events: music on Sunday afternoon, an oyster tasting, cooking with Michelin chefs, a drivein cinema, a pop up camping, a bridge tournament, the Dutch championship Shrimp Shelling, a salsa night or a 30+ party. And you can always plan your own party. A wedding, a baby shower, an anniversary, your birthday or just a fun barbecue.
Zandvoort has it all!