Dutch Dunes

Dutch Dunes

Feel the seasons and admire the plants and animals year round in the different dunes. Come find the deer, on foot or by bike.

Rambling in the dunes
The Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen are a unique natural reserve close to Zandvoort. Out of bounds for bicycles and dogs but great for walkers and runners. You can ramble there for hours. Look around you and enjoy the rare birds, the beautiful deer, the quick foxes and the many rabbits. Since 2013 the ecoduct or wild life bridge ´Santpoort´ connects the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen to the national park Zuid- Kennemerland. Dozens of animal species use this bridge to cross the busy road, like the natterjack toad, the sand lizard, the smooth newt and the northern dune tiger beetle. This year the wall brown was spotted, a butterfly that has been really struggling in the Netherlands.

Changing with the seasons
Circuit Park Zandvoort is dé locatie voor diverse andere In spring, shepherds walk the dunes with their flock of rare breed sheep. The sheep help manage the dunes, eating the rampant prunus, among other things. In May you can watch the flock being shorn or take a ride with the horse and carriage to look for the lambs. In autumn you can find beautiful mushrooms, morning mist, falling leaves, spiders, tracks and the rutting of the fallow deer. In their battle over the females, the male deer dig holes, mark their territory with urine and make a lot of noise burling (bellowing) and fighting. It is a sight to behold.

For more information, check the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen website (www.awd.nl). This website also works well on your smartphone, so all the information is easily accessible: news, walking routes, background information and all events. And of course it allows you to share your best pictures with the other visitors! Tickets for the dune reserve can be obtained at the entrance on the Zandvoortselaan.

Zandvoort has it all!