Speedy Racetrack

Feel the sensation during the greatest races on the legendary and internationally famous Zandvoort race track. Experience the spectacular races and events where it is all about speed, winning and beautiful racing cars. And all this only thirty minutes from the center of Amsterdam!

Racing on the beautiful dune tracks
The race track, beautifully hidden in the Zandvoort dunes, is the dream destination for petrol heads all year round. The track is the annual stage for many great racing events like the Masters of Formula 3, Historic Grand Prix, Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, Winter Endurance Championship and the New Year’s Races. You can watch all of these races from the main stands, the pit lane or a handy dune top. Wherever you are standing, you will always have a perfect view of the fast asphalt. And do you want to be at the wheel yourself on the track? This is your chance! On Circuit Park Zandvoort you can race your own car or ride along with an experienced race driver. It is also the place to go for skid control training. In just one day, you learn exactly what to do when your car skids. It’s wise to be safe. The race track is also perfect for product presentations, events and lessons. Check http://www.cpz.nl/nl/kalender for a complete list.

Racing, but not as we know it
Circuit Park Zandvoort is the ideal location for all kinds of sporting activities. You can run, walk, cycle or skate. Want to join in? Enter the one and only Circuit Run, the Family Run or the 30km van Zandvoort, a beautiful walk through the surrounding landscape. There is even a marked mountain bike trail. There is a test market where you can try out electric bikes on the track, or the little ones can participate in the ‘fat tire race’ for ordinary bicycles. Want a bit more of a challenge? Enter the only real Obstacle Run or the Cycling Zandvoort 24 hour bicycle race.

Zandvoort has it all!